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Total Skin & Beauty Dermatology Center began as a full-service clinic to treat skin disease and to practice cutaneous surgery.  Dr. Monheit began the solo practice in 1977 and it has evolved into a comprehensive specialty service clinic for skin care referrals.  The clinic is divided into the following:

  • The Medical Center
  • The Surgical Center
  • The Phototherapy Center
  • The Aesthetic Center for Cosmetic and Laser Procedures
  • The Research Center
  • The Radiation Center
  • The Pharmacy

The medical portions of the practice are directed by Dr. James Krell and include evaluation and treatment of skin diseases.  The clinical side of the practice sees over 200 patients per day for initial evaluation and treatment with appropriate up to date care.  Total Skin & Beauty Dermatology Center is a secondary and tertiary referral center administering to both common skin conditions as well as unusual and recurring skin problems referred by fellow dermatologists within the area.

The surgical portion of the practice is under the direction of Dr. Gary Monheit. Skin cancer is a major portion of this practice with a tertiary referral center for Mohs Micrographic Surgery and plastic reconstruction. Dr. Monheit is a Mohs College Fellow performing surgery daily in our surgical center and at the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital. He is the first physician to perform Moh’s surgery for skin cancer in Alabama and his is the premier referral practice for over 40 years. Over 2000 skin cancer patients are treated each year requiring multiple procedures for cancer removal, reconstruction, and then preventive treatment for pre-malignancies, including skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, and peeling techniques. These resurfacing techniques have been performed in a therapeutic manner for diffuse keratoses, squamous cell carcinoma in-situ, basal cell nevus syndrome and other malignant and premalignant conditions. Patients with significant photoaging skin are followed over decades for cancer surveillance and ongoing therapy.

A fellowship training program under Dr. Monheit’s direction has been a part of the practice for 27 years with ongoing research projects involving the detection and treatment of skin cancer. The Surgery Center includes a histopathology laboratory for rapid frozen section analysis of skin biopsies of surgical specimens.

Our Phototherapy Center is operational 10 hours per day, 5 days a week with three light machines (UVA/narrow band UVB, and hand/foot unit) and an XTRAC laser used to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, mycosis fungoides, and other recalcitrant skin conditions.  Phototherapy/PDT at our practice is administered by a Registered Nurse for safety purposes.

Cosmetic skin care has been an interest in our practice since its inception in 1977. The 41 years of experience in cosmetic surgery techniques have evolved with new technologies. Dr. Monheit has been instrumental in the development and dispersion of many techniques and technology in cosmetic dermatologic surgery, including the Monheit Peel and various clinical studies for both fillers and toxins.

Our staff has carefully chosen skin care products and cosmoceutical topical products for a full range of skin protection preservation and rejuvenation. Only products with proven objective studies in our peer-reviewed journals are recommended for your use. Our physicians and staff will tailor the proper regime for your skin care needs.

Our Research Center conducts clinical trials for a wide variety of medications and devices. We conduct Phase II, III, and IV clinical studies on medications for acne, psoriasis, actinic keratoses and eczema. We test new forms of cosmetic fillers and injectables as one of many ways to keep you looking young.

Treatment of certain skin cancers may lead to scarring. Some patients may qualify for a less invasive treatment known as superficial radiation therapy. Superficial radiation delivers radiation therapy using X-rays. The beam only penetrates the surface of the skin. This type of therapy avoids deep tissue damage and minimizes scarring, particularly around the face.

What to Expect

Superficial radiation therapy is painless. It is a nonsurgical outpatient procedure. Depending on the area of the body being treated, you may be asked to lie down on an exam table, stand or sit upright in a chair. Treatment lasts a few minutes. The area being treated may feel warm during treatment. Your physician may recommend multiple therapy sessions.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects of superficial radiation therapy are limited to the part of your body receiving the radiation. Side effects may include:

  • Dryness
  • Hair loss
  • Itching
  • Redness

Cancers Treated

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma

Total Skin & Beauty Dermatology Center has partnered with ReCept Pharmacy, allowing our practice to offer a comprehensive specialty pharmacy, that will conveniently fill your prescriptions on site, without having to make that additional stop.

Our pharmacy also now fills biologic medications. These drugs work by suppressing a particular part of the immune system that is most critical for the development of psoriasis. They are all given by injection, either in the office or at home. Our staff is uniquely capable of understanding specific disease states, their treatments and the effects those treatments have on our individual patients.

As our pharmacy patient, we can now offer you: one-on-one counseling, injection training, emergency medication management, local pick-up or free shipping and assistance with communicating with your insurance provider on coverage and costs.