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Comprehensive Facials

  • European Rejuvenation Facial105  |   60 Min
  • This treatment offers your aesthetician the maximum flexibility in the treatment room to design a treatment that will best bring balance back to your skin. Your reconditioning rendezvous will include personal products and facial massage techniques chosen by your aesthetician to target your individual skin type. Normal/Dehydrated, Ultra-Dry/Alipoid, Sensitive, Prematurely-Aged/Hyperpigmented, Oily/Inflamed, Normal/Oily Congested.

  • 90 Minute Facial150  |   90 Min
  • Includes scalp, neck, shoulder, hand, and foot massage.

  • 45 Minute "Mini Facial"85  |   45 Min
  • Our 'quick and to the point' mini facial, for those running on a tight schedule.

  • Teen Facial / Acne Facial85  |   45 Min
  • This extensive facial features exfoliation, deep pore extractions, and a custom deep-cleansing facial mask.

  • Gentlemen's Facial105  |   60 Min
  • Men's skin has special concerns. This treatment takes factors such as shaving habits, etc. into account to help prevent ingrown hairs and other skin problems unique to men.

  • Extractions Prices Vary  |   Times Vary
  • This treatment is necessary to physically remove blackheads, whiteheads, or milia which are deeply embedded under the skin. Extractions done by a trained aesthetician by loosening the pore opening and applying pressure with an extracting instrument will be less likely to cause scarring or damage to the skin that may occur when you try to remove them yourself. Extractions give a head start to your topical and oral medications by physically removing instantly what it might take a topical treatment several weeks to achieve. Milia are tiny white bumps on the skin, especially the face. They are often filled with keratin- a hard white substance. Unlike blackheads or whiteheads, they do not have an opening on the surface of the skin. Sometimes they disappear on their own, but often they must be extracted.

  • Purifying Back-cial100  |   45 Min
  • Take a load off with our super-smoothing back treatment designed to rid muscles of stress, and your skin of impurities. A deep-cleansing scrub is followed by extractions, then an aromatherapy massage designed for your back's most stressed-out parts.

  • Skin Freshening PeelFace: 80  |   Times Vary
  • Skin is the largest organ of the body and the first line of defense from environmental aggresors. As we age, the natural exfoliation of dead, dull skin cells is slower and more haphazard. Our peel creates an even, controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells. This exposes a new fresh layer of skin with a more even color and smoother texture. In addition, the peel stimulates new cells to grow, thereby tightening the skin and decreasing wrinkling. The Skin Freshening Peel is best when performed in conjuncture with Microdermabrasion Treatments for many areas of the body. Recommended every three weeks.

Physical & Chemical Exfoliation

  • Dermasweep MD Epi-Infusion140
  • These treatments combine exfoliation with the delivery of skin specific topical solutions, which results in fresher feeling and better looking skin. A variable-level vacuum system along with an assortment of treatment tips gently exfoliate the skin. After the desired level of exfoliation is achieved, the same system is used to infuse skin specific topical solutions. Dermasweep MD Epi-Infusions can treat many skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation, dehydration, acne, and photo-damage. Beneficial to multiple skin types, this is an excellent treatment to jump start a new at-home topical skin care regimen.
  •      •  Dermasweep MD Epi-Infusiion Acne Salicylic Acid140     
  •      •  Dermasweep MD Epi-Infusiion Hyaluronic Acid140     
  •      •  Dermasweep MD Epi-Infusiion Vitamic C140     
  •      •  Dermasweep MD Epi-Infusiion Calming140     
  •      •  Dermasweep MD Epi-Infusiion Hyperpigmentation140     

  • Microdermaplaning Treatment75
  • Microdermaplaning Treatment is an effective form of manual exfoliation performed primarily on the face. This method removes the outermost layer of skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and supple. Along with sloughing away dead skin cells, this technique shaves away unwanted facial hair.

  • Advanced Corrective Peel125
  • This one-step chemical peel uses Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Phenylethyl Resorcinol to increase radiance, improve texture and tone of the skin, helps to fade dark spots, and it can also help improve pore size. We recommend doing a series of 4 to achieve desired results.

  • Micro Peel (Glycolic Peel) Prices Vary
  • By the end of each day, human skin has produced over five billion skin cells. Through this process, surface cells harden and lose moisture. These dead cells dull and dry the skin's surface, causing clogging and congestion. Our Glycolic Peels can be customized to accommodate all skin types and can improve radiance in just one peel. For skin correction we recommend a series of 4-6 micro peels every two weeks to achieve the desired result.
  •      •  Micro Peel Glycolic 20%70     
  •      •  Micro Peel 20% Glycolic with Dermaplaning100     
  •      •  Micro Peel Glycolic 30%80     
  •      •  Micro Peel 30% Glycolic with Dermaplaning110     

  • BLift Peel - Salicylic Acid Peel90
  • This peel is absorbed by oil, making it ideal for reducing acne, blackheads, and comedones. Also, the Beta Lift is less inflammatory, making it ideal for those with pigmentation issues.

Advanced Rejuvenation Procedures

  • Intense Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation Prices Vary
  • IPL technology is a non-invasive treatment breakthrough that improves the appearance of photoaged skin, removing a variety of benign skin conditions simultaneously. Age spots (sun induced freckles), most brown pigments and redness caused by broken capillaries respond well to the process called photorejuvenation for face, neck, chest, forearms, or hands. IPL utilizes computer-generated light to help restore a more youthful appearance without patient down time.
  • IPL Series of three to five treatments performed every three to four weeks. Physician consultation and approval required.

  • Laser Hair Reduction Prices Vary
  • Total Cosmetic and Aesthetic Center offers the luxury of laser hair reduction using the LightSheer© System. All areas of the body can be hair free without the sensitivity that comes with other depilatory products and services.
  • Prices vary based on the area treated. Areas include face, eyes, neck, arms, and tummy. Physician consultation and approval required.

  • Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing Prices Vary
  • This non-invasive treatment uses lower energy levels than ablative lasers and is the perfect choice for patients with facial lines and wrinkles who want tightening with little or no down time. This laser targets the layers of skin under the surface without damaging the surface. We recommend doing more than one treatment to achieve the desired results.

  • Non-Surgical Skin Thightening Prices Vary
  • Significantly tightens loose skin on the face and neck with virtually no down time in one office visit, giving you a more youthful appearance with the power of radiofrequency. The safe heating action of Thermage causes deep structures of your skin to tighten immediately. Over time, new collagen grows to further tighten and support elasticity. Studies show improvements continue for six months while unpublished reports indicate results may last 18 months to several years.
  • Prices vary based on the area treated. Areas include face, eyes, neck, arms, and tummy. Physician consultation and approval required.

Other laser treatments offered by our physicians:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Vascular lesions and general redness
  • Age spots and brown-colored birthmarks
  • Fraxel repair resurfacing for deep wrinkles
  • Physician consultation and approval required.

Waxing & Tinting

  • Facial Waxing
  •      •  Eyebrow Sculpting: waxing, tweezing, reshaping, & trimming25     
  •      •  Eyebrow Maintenance20     
  •      •  Lip or Chin15     
  •      •  Cheeks/Sideburns25     
  •      •  Full Face60     

  • Body Waxing
  •      •  Underarms30     
  •      •  Arms: Half / Full30 / 50     
  •      •  Chest50     
  •      •  Back: Half / Full35 / 70     
  •      •  Abdomen15     
  •      •  Bikini Line: Basic35     
  •      •  Legs: Upper / Lower / Full55 / 45 / 75     

  • Tinting
  •      •  Brow Tint20     
  •      •  Lash Tint25     
  •      •  The Wide-eyed Experience55     
           (includes Eyebrow Sculpting, Bow Tinting and Lash Tinting)




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